Shutka Roma Rap Live @ Sziget 2013 [Full concert]

Shutka Roma Rap is a collective of young artists. The distinctive and diverse personalities of the front-line posse, consisting of elegant Al-Alion, punky leather-clad Error, generously proportioned Fet Joe, new teenage sensations Kay One & Nusret and dirty thrashers Mali & Taki, are propelled forward by a coruscating Roma-funk combo comprising sax, clarinet, trumpet, bass and drums. Provocative, rebellious, proud, loud and here now.

Shutka Roma Rap concert at Sziget Festival – 9 August, 2013 OTP Bank World Music Party Main Stage
Shutka Roma Rap koncert a Szigeten – 2013. augusztus 9. OTP Bank Világzenei Party Nagyszínpad

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