Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike “Vinyl Only” Set at Tomorrowland 2016

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Relive Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Close Tomorrowland with A Vinyl Only set of Classic Anthems!

Post-Tomorrowland the internet has been alive with reactions to the gargantuan showcase set thatDimitri Vegas & Like Mike brought to proceedings at this year’s 180,000 capacity festival extravaganza set in the town of Boom, Belgium. Reaffirming their title asKings of Tomorrowland, the brothers wrapped up the show with the most watched setacross the entire weekend’s events! One of the standout highlights of this seismic set was their closing section, a classicvinyl only set that was an homage to the music, the records, the artists and the scene that ignited their passion for electronic music during their formative years as clubbers, and later DJs and producers in their own right. In the words ofLike Mike himself “this is the sound that got us into DJing”.
Featuring music from a cluster of iconic Dutch and Belgian artiststhe includes Marco Bailey, Jones & Stephenson and Speedy J, the brothers brought a surprise ending to the festival’s proceedings with a retro style set that rippled across the iconicTomorrowland Valley. The performance consisted of all their usual showmanship, and as is ever the case with theKings of Tomorrowland’s closing set, a show much about unity! Fans at the festival, as well as those tuning in from countries such asJapan, Mexico, Germany, Colombia and South Africa via the Tomorrowland UNITE, all embraced to a musical showcase that was enveloped by the most impressive stage production the Tomorrowland team have produced to date!
Wrapping up their classic vinyl set with one of the most iconic trance records of all-time from legendary Belgian producerPush’s ‘Universal Nation’, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike took the People of Tomorrowland on a nostalgic musical journey that showcased some of the records that not only changed their lives, but captured the mind and body of clubbers the world over. To relive this epic closing ceremony, check out Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s classic vinyl set.

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